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What you give is what you get

What you give is what you get

In 1993, I was just graduating high school.  I remember a good friend telling me that a band we liked called “Pennywise” was playing in Irving, we decided to go to the show. My friend, Nick, drove.  I remember thinking okay, we are going to a large venue, like Irvine Meadows.  Only to find that nope, they were playing in a high school or college, gym.  “Awesome”, we had a great time.

I bring this story up because little did I know that one of my favorite “Pennywise” songs would end up being so true to life.  The name of the song is, Give and Get. 

The lyrics are so true, and so very much need to be heard these days.  When you put effort into something you will get something back in return.  You may fail to reach your original goal, but you will be better off for putting the effort in.

I find this idea, really motivational.  Rather than sitting, and watching tv.  Why not take out the computer and write a blog post. I don’t expect to get anything out of this post, but the journey of writing it has already been a joyful walk down memory lane.

These days when I’m in class sometimes the kids ask, what will I get if I complete this assignment.  My answer is usually that they will get credit for doing it, and the practice of doing the assignment will eventually make them better at what ever the larger objective is.  One of the simplest most important things I tell kids and parents is that readers read, writers write, runners run. It seems so easy but it is so often lost.  Practice doesn’t make perfect! It makes progress.  If you give your best effort, eventually you will get better.

I believe these words also ring true for life in general.  If you give off a caring and positive attitude, people who know you will be more caring and positive also.  The same goes for negativity.  It’s easy to be caught in a loop of negative thoughts. Especially when spending time on Social Media. 

So for me this blog that Jia and I have begun, isn’t about making money, or even sharing the best recipe or drink, it’s about the process of putting effort into something and with out expecting anything in return, maybe getting a reinforced positive prospective on life. 

I have started numerous websites my life.  I have earned revenue but never made a profit blogging.  I have already been asked, “How much do you expect to earn doing that?” the answer is there is no expectation.  Will we monetize this blog if we get traffic, yes of course, and I will be thrilled if this site even covers the cost of the domain and hosting.  But either way, the plan is to keep writing, keep putting in the effort, keep a positive attitude, and maybe along the way become better at blogging.

And as “Pennywise” says, “What you give is what you get, so you’d better start giving to yourself!” In other words, put forth the effort!

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