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Unrealized Capital Gains Tax - A Quick Guide

Unrealized Capital Gains Tax – A Quick Guide

Lately there has been some news that some leaders in the United States are considering changing how capital gains are taxed.  Specifically, there has been some discussion about taxing unrealized capital gains.  This article will shed some light on what unrealized capital gains are. What is Unrealized Capital Gain? Unrealized Capital Gain is any appreciation
Achieve Financial Independence and Retire Early

How to Achieve Financial Independence to Retire Early (FIRE)

Financial independence is a point in time where a person can live without financial worry. Achieving financial independence requires discipline. Here is how...
10 Great Side Job Ideas

10 Great Online Side Job Ideas

I'm writing these side job ideas from a teacher's perspective based on jobs I have either done or would do. You don't have to be a teacher to do these jobs.
Problems with Modern Monetary Theory

The Problems with Modern Monetary Theory

Inflation has been a top story in the news lately. Modern Monetary Theory suggests that inflation is a secondary problem. Here is my opinion on this theory.
Hope For The Best

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Inflation? Hyperinflation? Preparing for high levels of inflation but hoping for the best ...
3 Basic Golden Rules of Accounting

The 3 Most Basic “Golden” Rules of Accounting

There are 3 generally accepted Golden Rules of Accounting. They have to do with debits and credits. Here is what they are, and what they really mean.
7 Things To Consider When Inflation is High

Seven Things to Consider When Inflation is High

What is Inflation? Why is it dangerous for our financial health? What to do? Here are 7 things to consider, from someone who has experienced high inflation.
7 Ways to Avoid Budget Disaster

7 Ways to Avoid Blowing Your Budget at Wholesale Stores

Here are 7 things to consider when going to a wholesale store like Costco: Know item prices. Don’t fall into the trap of browsing. Buy bulk fruits only if ...

How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Getting rid of credit debt is not as simple as cutting up your credit cards and never using them again. Credit cards can be a good thing because they help you build credit and your credit score. Your credit score is very important as the interest rate you pay on a car loan or home mortgage depends on your credit scores ...

Why Money is Called Cold Hard Cash

We here the phrase "cold hard cash" used often to describe physical money. Where did this phrase come from? What is the history behind "cold hard cash"?
10 Ways to Avoid Living Beyond Your Means 720x960 1

10 Ways to Avoid Living Beyond Your Means

Often times its difficult to tell when we are making unwise purchases. Here are 10 things to avoid to ensure you don't end up living beyond your means.

4 Steps to Get Out of Debt for Good

Introduction When I first started teaching, I saved every penny I could and worked hard to buy a condo. Getting a loan back then was simple, and minimal down payments were common. I bought a house and then realized I was house poor. I had to utilize credit cards for the shortfall between costs and