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Claudia’s Recipe for Corn Salad

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Fresh corn, left over corn, or frozen corn.
It doesn’t matter, what kind you have, a delicious corn salad awaits.
Summertime is upon us. Backyard BBQ’s are a weekly occurrence even when we are physically distancing from friends and family. A nice juicy burger or hot dogs are usually the main dish. The BBQ is just not complete without corn on the cob. But, before you get to the sweet corn kernels, you are full and can’t take another bite. So, what do you do with the leftover corn? Corn salad!
The easiest way to store leftover corn is by cutting it off the cob. Simply hold it upright and run a knife down the kernels and cut them off. Go all the way around the corn and get all the kernels. You can store the corn in plastic self sealing bags and freeze it or refrigerate it. When you are ready, you can make corn salad to go with your next BBQ or Taco Tuesday!
Here’s the recipe for corn salad:
4 corns on the cob
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 cup red onion chopped
1 tbsp butter
1 lime juiced
1/4 cup olive oil or mayo (optional)
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1/4 cup chopped cilantro (optional)
1 garlic clove minced
1 tbsp jalapeño minced (optional or more if you like spicy)


In a large pan, add butter, chopped onions, jalapeño, garlic and caramelize on medium heat. Add corn, salt and pepper to pan. Cook until the corn is warm and turn off the heat.
Let the corn cool then add mayo (or olive oil), lime juice, parsley, and cilantro. Mix and enjoy!
Other ingredients you can add include tomatoes, cucumbers, drained black beans, bell peppers, and mangos.
A corn salad is great to serve next to grilled ribs, burgers, hot dogs, tacos, and so much more.
Cost: $5, but depends on cost of corn.
Serving: 4-8
Difficulty: Easy
Enjoy your FOOD and your MONEY!

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