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Claudia’s Recipe for Corn Salad

Corn Salad

Fresh corn, left over corn, or frozen corn. It doesn’t matter, what kind you have, a delicious corn salad awaits. Summertime is upon us. Backyard BBQ’s are a weekly occurrence even when we are physically distancing from friends and family. A nice juicy burger or hot dogs are usually the main dish. The BBQ is […]

Can Brussel Sprouts Taste Good? – Yes Here’s How

Sprougt shallot backon

The answer depends on how you cook it. Many people do not like the taste of brussel sprouts. The smell of sulfur is sometimes repulsive. The difference between yummy brussel sprouts and yucky brussel sprouts is in the way the cruciferous is cooked. If made correctly, brussel sprouts can be sweet and tasty. Here’s the […]

You Say Shish Kebab, I Say Shish Kabob

We Love the Skewer

There’s nothing easier than eating a shish kebab at a barbecue. The self-contained skewer of food with veggies and meat that does not require any cutting or plate holding is simply a dream. But, how often do you make shish kebabs that doesn’t involve many people gathering in your backyard? Well, you should definitely consider […]

Let’s Make Jam – with Peaches

Canning Peaches

Summer time brings all the delicious and fresh fruits. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is not only good for you, but also saves you a lot of money. Unfortunately, the season is short and in a few bites, the summer freshness is gone. To help preserve some summer time yumminess, let’s make jam!

CAPRESE SALAD – The Italian Side of the Family

Tomato Salad

CAPRESE SALAD – The Italian Side of the Family I love caprese salads during the summer. Especially, if the tomatoes are home grown. The sweetness of the tomatoes with creaminess of the mozzarella cheese is so devine and refreshing. Here’s the recipe: INGREDIENTS 1 lb of tomatoes, cut in chunks or slices 1/2 lb of […]

Breakfast at the Diner


On a beautiful summer weekend morning, after a busy week, we usually go to breakfast at a local diner. That is, under normal circumstances, when there isn’t a global pandemic. In order to bring a bit of normalcy to our weekly routine, I made what the husbankid loves to order for breakfast. Breakfast chicken fajitas […]

ARROZ e FEIJÃO – Rice and Beans

ARROZ e FEIJÃO – Rice and Beans

Rice and Beans go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly or as Brazilians call it, ARROZ e FEIJÃO. If you travel through Central and South America, there’s a good chance you have eaten rice and beans. In Brazil, the combination of rice and black beans or ARROZ e FEIJÃO is on every place at almost […]

Misto Quente, Grilled Cheese, & Panini

Misto Quente Grilled Cheese and Panini

They all have a warm place in my…tummy. If you are from the USA, you know what a grilled cheese sandwich is. It’s usually made of two pieces of sliced bread holding a piece of cheese in between. This sandwich is usually grilled on both sides until the cheese is melted into a blob of […]

It’s a crabby time!!

Crab Legs

This year, crustacean prices have dropped significantly due to the coronavirus shutting down many restaurants worldwide. The good news? It’s CHEAP! A pound of snow crab legs usually runs around $12.99 to $17.99. This year, I found it for just $6.97 per pound in Southern California. While I was purchasing my allowed allotment, many waiting […]

The Super Moist Banana Bread

Bread Bananna

How often have you had a banana bread that’s tasty, but dry? Well, let’s solve that problem today with this moist banana bread. The hardest part of making this banana bread is waiting for the bananas to ripen enough to turn it into something so scrumptious.