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Restaurant Style Grilled Dinner at Home

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Even in the heat, we gotta eat! We all know how to grill. Throw the meat on the BBQ, make sure it is cooked on both sides, put it on the plate, and dig in. What if you want a restaurant style steak? How do you cook it restaurant style at home? Let’s talk about […]

Let’s make Guava Strudel (Pastel de Guayaba)!

Guava Strudel (Pastel de Guayaba)!

GUAVA STRUDEL- Made Popular by Cuban bakeries.In the middle of this heatwave, I started craving a guava strudel. So, I crank up the AC apologize to the family for temporarily freezing them, and dreadely turn the oven on. Have you heard of a little pastry called refugiado? It is flaky, crunchy, buttery, and sweet from […]

Curry Chicken, The Cheat Way!

Curry Chicken with Rice

When curry is mentioned, many people are intimidated because Indian curry encompasses myriad of spices and a delicate balance of sweet, savory, and heat. Actually, lots of heat in many cases. Curry is a complex mixture that has to be mastered. I confess, I do not mix my own curry. I actually choose to use […]

Beef Acebolado – A quick and simple meal – Here’s how

Beef Acebolado Beef and Onions

Beef with Onions, Beef Acebolado are the same things from two different continents. One of my family’s go to dishes is beef (or pork, or chicken) with onions. I never knew that this delicious, simple, and inexpensive dish was enjoyed almost all over the world with some modifications and different spices. What makes this dish […]

The Best Way to Make Pasta Caprese

Italian Pasta with Chicken

Pasta Caprese for the Yum! Feeding kids and husbankid is almost a full time job during these times. They can never agree on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some nights I end up cooking three to four different meals in order to appease everyone. However, one meal that makes everyone happy is […]